30 Minute Challenge

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We spent the day doing a bit of filming with REAL DESIGN. After a short chat, Breon Snowdon from REAL asked Neil if he could paint him something - putting him on the spot. Neil quickly got his paints ready and started to paint, using his idea of painting from dark to light, working from black and highlighting outwards.

After 15 minutes of brisk painting, Neil started to add quick white highlights and the painting pops to life, out of the dark green, blue mix on the page a face starts to emerge and as if by magic an old man’s face starts to form - all this in front of the camera.

Within 30 minutes a beautiful character’s face adorns the page, a face in the dark. Below is the short film so you can see for yourself.

Posted on: 25th Jun 2014 14:34:09 by Admin

Tags: Painting, Film.